Netflix has released new games!

Netflix has released new games for the Google Play Store. In this context, three new games have been added to the platform. Here are the games…

For Netflix, the introduction to the gaming industry initially began as a hobby. At the moment, we see that he takes it very seriously. The program began worldwide last month. He has since released several new plays. With today’s update, the Google Play Store has three more games available only to Netflix subscribers.

Netflix has so far added casual games to the platform. Today’s productions seem to be no different. Dominoes Cafe, Knittens and Wonderputt Forever include today’s inbound games. When we look at these games, you can access them if you have a subscription, even if it doesn’t look like it’s going to get new members.

Netflix doesn’t use ads in its games

The three games offered by Netflix are ad-free and do not contain in-app purchases. In this way, it eliminates the annoying situations of mobile games. Because no one likes to have their experience interrupted by constant ads while playing games. That’s why it offers an experience that won’t spoil the players’ enjoyment.

The games released by the popular video streaming service generally appeal to the type of puzzle. If you are interested in this genre, you may want to experience it. Knittens, for example, stands out for its resemblance to Candy Crush Saga. Here, three or more of the sections earn points by combining the same item. With these points, we unlock new chapters.

Gameloft’s repeal turned the game around

Netflixopened its game show to customers just a month ago. In the process, it added several new entries to the platform. In fact, at this point he proved his interest in special games. Because it brought the game of a big mobile gaming company called Gameloft back from the dead.

Asphalt Xtreme

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