Boris Johnson’s Ukraine warning to Putin: ‘It would be a tragic miscalculation’

“It would be a tragic miscalculation for Russia to enter Ukrainian territory,” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Russia President Vladimir Putin and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke by phone to discuss Ukraine-Russia tensions. Johnson expressed concern about Russia’s current hostile activity on the Ukrainian border, according to the British Prime Minister’s Office. Johnson was quoted as telling Putin that “it would be a tragic miscalculation for Russia to enter Ukrainian territory further.” Johnson Was Also quoted as saying that all European countries have the right to aspire to NATO membership because of NATO’s open-door policy, which also applies to Ukraine. Johnson was quoted as reiterating that NATO is a defence alliance.

The two leaders agreed that it was not in anyone’s interest to aggravate the situation in the Ukraine-Russia crisis. Johnson emphasized the importance of dialogue and diplomacy and including Ukraine in the negotiations. Johnson and Putin also discussed a number of key issues, including climate change, the situation in Afghanistan and the Iran nuclear deal.


Putin and Johnson exchanged very detailed views on the conflict in Ukraine and the provision of Russia’s long-term legally guaranteed security guarantees, the Kremlin Press Service said in a statement. Putin was quoted as outlining his basic approaches to these issues. “In particular, it was noted that Kiev has chronically sabotaged the Minsk agreements. Nato’s indivisibleness of security is hidden behind references to the alliance’s so-called open-door policy, which contradicts its core principle, while Russia’s reluctance to respond to its concerns based on sound foundations was noted.”

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