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YouTube changes video player

As of today, YouTube has made a change to the player section. In this context, it moved many items to an easier-to-find area.

YouTube is trying to overhaul its website and mobile apps on a component basis. The latest example of this was the redesign of the video player on YouTube for Android, especially in full-screen mode.

The primary difference was some buttons at the bottom of the screen that allowed you to like, dislike, open comments in the right sidebar, add them to the playlist and share them. On the right came a distinct shortcut to ‘Other Videos’ with thumbnail preview showing other things to watch. Which matches his next tail.

YouTube’s new player design offers a variety of features

As a result of the new actions, the timeline is pushed up as a side benefit of the redesign. Elsewhere, we notice that YouTube has replaced the three-point button with a simpler setting option when viewing in both horizontal and vertical directions.


The comment panel moved to an easy place

Finally, tapping the ribbon icon next to the video title opens the ‘Description’ side panel. A redesign of YouTube’s video player on Android is widely available today. The iOS app has not yet been updated. Overall, it allows it to do more than just a full-screen user interface for a better, content-driven, retrospective experience.


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