A rival to Steam may be coming from Sony!

Is Sony competing with Steam with its PlayStation PC app? A separate application may come for PlayStation games offered to the computer.

Sony, which has brought PlayStation exclusive games to Windows and invested in PlayStation PC in recent years , may be developing its own platform. The Japanese company may soon introduce its own PlayStation PC launcher to bypass Steam and the Epic Games Store .

Sony allegedly developing a PlayStation PC launcher

It has been reported that there are remarkable information in the files of Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, which has been released recently . Allegedly, Sony wants to directly sell games it offers to PC, such as God od War , Spider-Man and Days Gone .It was also discovered that Sony wanted to offer PlayStation Network (PSN) integration for Windows . PSN account, which is mandatory for PS4 and PS5 users, is not used in PlayStation PC games for now. In other words, games downloaded from Steam or Epic Games Store can be played without a PSN account.

Thanks to the PSN account integration to be offered to Windows users, it is thought that prizes will be given similar to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. This idea raises the possibility of a PlayStation PC launcher.

Thanks to a new game service, Sony can both require users to have a PSN account and remove them from platforms such as Steam and Epic Games. However , it should not be forgotten that the application can work like Origin , Ubisoft Connect and Bethesda Launcher .

These services also require Steam to launch any of the games. In addition, Microsoft continues to offer Xbox games that are in Game Pass on Steam.Sony seems to be trying more than one way to appeal to PC gamers. It has also recently announced its own PC gaming headsets and monitors. The Sony Inzone series is available for both PlayStation and Windows computers.

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