Elon Musk made fun of the con man who used his name!

With cryptocurrency scams on Twitter on the rise recently, Elon Musk has responded to the scammer using his name.

With the snway of cryptocurrency investment, a breadwinner was opened for fraudsters. To date, countless scammers have been implicated in cryptocurrency scams using the names of famous names like Elon Musk. We’ve even seen people fall for it and lose all their savings. Elon Musk responded to someone who tried to defraud people using his name.

Elon Musk’s answer to cryptocurrency scammer: “Hahaha”

One of the first names that comes to mind when it comes to cryptocurrency is Elon Musk. The famous entrepreneur’s reputation with cryptocurrencies has spread so much that there are those who think Elon Musk invented cryptocurrencies. Although there are theories about this, ultimately Elon Musk is not the creatorof cryptocurrency technology . There are hundreds of scammers using the billionaire entrepreneur’s name to say they will give people free Bitcoin on Twitter. The worst part is that Twitter is giving these accounts a blue tick.

The tweet from the fraudster, who is blue tiki and writes his name like Elon Musk with a different character, received the following response from the real Elon Musk:

The scammer’s post directs you to a site and the site that opens says you can earn btc for free. For this purpose, you are first asked which cryptocurrency you want, then you are given a cryptocurrency wallet and asked to send cryptocurrency here. At this point, the fraudster accepts payments between 0.1 BTC and 40 BTC and says that twice the amount you deposit will be reflected in your account. Of course it’s a lie.

We’ve seen scammers using the same tactic using Elon Musk’s name before. But it’s simpler not to be conned than to be conned. Always think healthy when it comes to your money, and don’t believe people who tell you on platforms like Twitter that they’re going to double your money.

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