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Facebook will reward anyone who finds faults in their new product!

Facebook, also known as Meta, announced that it will be awarding awards to developers who find bugs in their hardware in the coming period.

Facebook, which promises rewards to users who find errors both on social media platforms and in its previously released products, will continue its same policy with its roofing company Meta. Meta announced that it will reward developers and users who find errors for their new hardware Quest 2, Portal, and Ray-Ban Stories.

Prizes start at $500

Facebook announced in a new press release via Meta’s official blog page that they will continue the tradition of awarding awards for error detection. The company, which is awaiting error notifications, especially for recently released Ray-Ban Stories, has invited developers to analyze both glasses and other hardware components such as Portal and Quest 2.

Meta explained that the minimum reward amount for each detected bug is $500 and is determined by the importance of the bug discovered on the device, the difficulty of discovery and its potential impact on users.

Dan Gurfinkel,the firm’s Director of Security Engineering, said the largest payment listed for now is $30,000. However, he added that if the discovered error is serious enough to lead to a potential health, safety or privacy issue, the company could increase the reward by exercising its right to appreciate it.

As is known, the company first launched its rewards program for errors in 2011. In this way, it was aimed to reward users who check devices and websites and find problems and to solve problems in a short way. In the intervening 10 years, the company announced a total of more than $2 million in prizes.

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