FBI servers fall victim to hackers

Hackers recently infiltrated FBI servers, sending fake emails to some agencies and organizations.

The FBI, which has very strict rules on combating cybercriminals, came up with the hacking incident this time. Hackers who infiltrated FBI servers sent fake emails to some organizations on behalf of the FBI.

The FBI, which announced in recent weeks that it would award $10 million to notorious ransomware gang DarkSide, is facing a new cybersecurity challenge. The American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN),which is responsible for 2015, which is responsible for 100%, is among the victims of the hackers’ FBI attack.

They sent fake e-mails on behalf of the FBI! FBI servers hacked

Hackers hacked FBI servers and sent emails to agencies about the data breach, Bleeping Computer reported. Cyber intelligence team Spamhaus found that hackers communicated through FBI servers with email addresses from a database for ARIN.

Spamhaus found that more than 100,000 emails had been sent, and underlined that the attacks could continue for some time. FBI officials said the attack had not yet stopped and that they had not yet been able to resolve the source of the problem.

Those receiving fake emails should contact the Internet Crime Complaint Center or the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, officials said, adding that they are continuing to work to catch the culprits. Vinny Troia, founder of cybersecurity firms NightLion and Shadowbyte, said the perpetrators may have been linked to a hacker named Pompompurin.

In March, attackers infiltrated Microsoft Exchange servers and tried to hijack the accounts of security journalist Brian Krebs using fake space. Government agencies such as the FBI are rarely used for such attacks, cybersecurity researchers said, noting that the issue could become a national security issue.

The FBI said yesterday that the fake emails came from the actual FBI email address that ended with The email, titled “Urgent: Threat actor in systems,” caused many to worry.

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