Spider-Man joins Marvel’s Avengers!

Marvel’s Avengers, which debuted last year, is getting a Spider-Man surprise exclusively for PlayStation players.

Spider-Man was a brand that released video games even before it was made into a movie. Although people have known this superhero with his movies, in recent years we have been able to reconcile Spider-Man with the gaming world. In 2018, Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man for PlayStation also made this comic book character a very important player in the gaming world.

Spider-Man, which we are now looking forward to, will be included in Marvel’s Avengers game with an event. If you’re playing Marvel’s Avengers on PlayStation, you’ll be able to play Peter with this event.

Spider-Man joins Marvel’s Avengers

While Marvel’s Avengers has disappointed many players, there’s no denying that Avengers is the best video game. Released in 2020, the game offers a story with its main characters, as well as innovating its players with exclusive content online. This year we saw wakanda and black panther events coming to the game and these events made the game worth playing again. Now Spider-Man will be added to the game as part of an event.

Spidey will be available exclusively for PlayStation with the update coming on November 30. In fact, this update was supposed to arrive earlier in the year, but for various reasons it was repeatedly delayed. Finally, a not-so-distant date has been given.

If you’re playing the game on a platform other than PlayStation, this update won’t be released for you. Because Sony owns some of Spider-Man’s rights, and naturally he just wants to bring this special event to his own console. Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales are also available exclusively for PlayStation, taking the console a step further for Spidey fans.

Marvel’s Avengers disappoints even Square Enix

When Marvel’s Avengers was first announced, the entire gaming world was focused on this new game. Because recently, Marvel’s Spider-Man received very positive reviews. Even when the game, developed by a different studio from Spider-Man, was leaked, fans didn’t like the way the characters looked. Square Enix didn’t back down, even though we heard constant reactions like ‘We don’t want this!’ before the game came out.

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