Instagram will pay its users!

Looking to increase competition with TikTok, Mark Zuckerberg brings money making for Instagram Reels. Here are the details…

The popularity of short videos on social media is growing day by day. TikTok,one of the platforms built on this trend, is setting an example for its competitors with its success. One of the competitors in question, Instagram, introduced the Reels feature for short videos for a while.

But according to the revelations, the company has big plans for Reels videos. Instagramis preparing to pay creators if it wants to attract more users. So who are these payments going to be made to and how much? Here are the details…

How much will reels creators be paid?

Instagramwill pay creators of Reels videos in high numbers, TechCrunch and Business Insiderreported. In July, a bonus program about Reels videos was announced. By 2022, payments to creators will reach $1 billion,the company said.

The reports provided help us get a more specific estimate of the payments to be made for Reels videos. A screenshot shared in the Reddit post, which techCrunch pointed out in its report, indicates that the Reels video will be paid $35,000, compared to about 58 million followers. This amount is directly proportional to the offer made to Sam and Cori Werrell,who have 280,000 followers in Business Insider’sreport.

Creators with fewer followers and views are paid less. Maddy Corbin, who has nearly 52,000 followers, said she was offered up to $1,000. Some other creators report offers around $800 or $600.

The proposed payment amounts may still vary. For example, a creator with 24,000 followers had nearly 9 million followers for $8,500, while another creator with 15,000 followers was offered the same. That’s way above the offer for Corbin, who has far more followers and views. In line with these results, the company does not yet seem to have established a definitive system in the monitoring/payment equation.

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