French bill on controversial Covid-19 vaccine card passes Parliament

A new bill to convert the Covid-19 health card into a vaccination card in France has been adopted by the National Assembly.

In France,measures are being stepped up against the Omicron mutation of the Corona virus. After 3 days of debate in the National Assembly, a bill to convert the Covid-19 health card into a vaccination certificate was approved in the morning. The bill passed by a vote of 93 to 214. Most of those who voted no to the bill were far-right and vaccine-left lawmakers, while French media said President Emmauel Macron’sharsh statements about those who did not get vaccinated also influenced the vote. The bill will now be submitted for Senate approval. The vaccination card is scheduled to apply to the over-16s. Under the government’s bill, which aims to become law by January 15th, only vaccinations will be presented at entrances to areas such as cafes, restaurants, cinemas, theatres and museums, so that the negative test result will no longer be valid.


President Macron told Le Parisien newspaper that they are restricting and putting pressure on social life if they do not get vaccinated. We’re going to keep doing this to the end. That’s the strategy. I’m not going to send them to prison, I’m not going to force them to get vaccinated. But from January 15th you will not be able to go to the restaurant, you will no longer be able to drink coffee (in the café), you will not be able to go to the theatre and the cinema.”
Macron’s statements drew a backlash from the opposition in the National Assembly yesterday, and negotiations on a draft law on the Covid-19 vaccination card were halted.

With 332,252 new cases of corona virus detected in France yesterday, the highest number of cases per day has been recorded in the country since the outbreak began.

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