Apple’s new plans for foldable iPhone revealed

There is news from the Apple front, which is expected to enter the foldable smartphone market just like its competitors in the coming period.

With rivals such as Huawei and Samsung already entering the foldable smartphone market, the move by American tech giant Apple is also eagerly awaited. New leaks from the Apple front have previously been added, and the firm’s plans and projects for foldable smartphones have emerged in the new era.

Apple can wait until 2023 to enter the market

Dylandkt, who is known for his previously reliable leaks from the Apple front, also shared new information about the firm’s foldable smartphone strategies. According to the famous sensation, Apple is currently working on multiple foldable phone prototypes for the iPhone. However, the company has doubts about its foldable display technologies and its place in the market.

In a series of tweets this week, Dylandkt explained that Apple has been working at length on multiple foldable smartphone concepts for some time, but is unsure whether foldable phones will continue to gain a place in the market.

However, it said it was also reviewing the returns of products that its competitors had released one after the other and analyzing the mistakes made. He said Apple sees products released by other firms as ‘beta’products and intends to produce a fully compact, operating system and long-term device, as with existing iPhones when it enters the foldable phone market.

In recent months, another Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo,said that Apple is developing a foldable iPhone with an 8-inch flexible OLED QHD+ screen, scheduled for release in 2023. Also in December, screen analyst Ross Young said he did not expect Apple to release a foldable iPhone until 2023.

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