Germany is on edge! Prime Minister Scholz’s uneasy ‘curfew’ statement

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said curfews were among the measures that could be taken depending on the course of the coronavirus outbreak.

Germany Prime Minister Olaf Scholzdiscussed the Omicron mutation of Covid-19and measures to be taken according to the course of the outbreak at the last cabinet meeting of 2021. German Government Spokesman Steffen Hebestreit, speaking on behalf of Olaf Scholz, announced that Scholz wants 80 percent of the population to Be vaccinated by january 7th, when he meets with state prime ministers.

Prime Minister Scholz wants everyone to act responsively during the holiday period, Hebestreit said. “Prime Minister Olaf Scholz said that new measures will be taken according to the course of the outbreak and that curfews are among the implementations,” Hebestreit said.

In Germany, which has a population of more than 83 million, about 70.4 percent of the population was fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, while 32.6 percent had the 3rd dose, known as a reminder dose.

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