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OBS barrier to TikTok Live Studio! Here are the details

OBS business development manager Ben Torell claimed that OBS source code was used in TikTok Live Studio software.

In recent weeks, TikTok has introduced windows software developed for Live Studio. TikTok allegedly used the codes contained in the OBS project and there was a license violation.

Obs codes developed under the GNU GPLv2 license can be used in different projects. However, according to GNU GPLv2 rules, the source code of the developed software must be shared.

TikTok claims to have used source code from OBS Studio

Open source OBS Studio, one of the most preferred software of publishers in the world, came up with a new claim. Screenshots, first posted by Twitter user HunterAP, revealed that obs codes were included in the TikTok Live Studio software.

TikTok claims to have used OBS Studio source code

Obs business development manager Ben Torell said TikTok should share codes for its Live Studio software. Underlining that the company has violated its GPL license, Torell explained that live studio software includes source code for different software besides OBS.

TikTok has not yet responded to these allegations. Torell stressed that the OBS project was responded to GPL violations in “good faith” and would be happy to work with TikTok as long as it complied with the license.

If the allegations are true, TikTok needs to share source code for the software it developed. OBS Studio officials say they are waiting for an explanation from TikTok.

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