Japan plans to evacuate its citizens from Ukraine

Japan reportedly plans to evacuate its citizens in Ukraine in case of a possible Russian invasion.

Concerns have been raised about a possible Ukrainian invasion after Russia deployed troops to the border, with The Japanese government reportedly planning to Evacuate its citizens from Ukraine.

Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno said there are about 250 Japanese citizens in Ukraine, including embassy staff, and the government is urging its citizens in Ukraine to prepare for unpredictable conditions.

“We will continue to closely monitor developments and take necessary measures in communication with the United States and other relevant countries,” Matsuno said.

Japan’s media, citing government sources, said the government was preparing for a possible evacuation plan. COUNTRIES STARTED TAKING STEPS

After Russia deployed about 100,000 troops to the Ukrainian border, scenarios of possible invasion resurfaced, and following the developments, the US Secretary of State ordered the families of embassy staff in Kiev to leave Ukraine due to the “risk of war.”

Finally, a similar move came from the London administration, with Britain announcing it had begun recalling some embassy staff and officials at the Ukrainian embassy.

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