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WhatsApp has announced new features for iOS!

WhatsApp has introduced a new update to enhance the in-platform experiences of iOS users. Here’s what’s new…

WhatsApp, one of the world’s largest messaging platforms, wants to enhance its users’ experience by working on new in-app features. In this context, the platform regularly offers new features to beta users’ experience, bringing some of the features it has been testing for some time to iOS-based devices.

Pause comes in voicemails for iOS

WhatsApp has updated its platform for iOS to version 22.2.75. This update brought with it some expected features. IOS devices will now be able to stop users during recording and resume at any time when sending voicemails in the app. Some Beta users have been testing this feature since October. The platform has now decided to bring it to the global version.

WhatsApp’s work on iOS devices has become quite frequent recently. Another feature that came with the new update was “Focus Mode Support” for iOS 15. With the update, you can use this feature within the application. The platform recently brought the ability to show a profile picture of the user sending messages to Android users to iOS devices.

WhatsApp introduced update 22.2.75 to iOS users. However, it also warns that this feature cannot come to all users at once. The company says it will take a week for the latest update, which comes with several features, to arrive for all WhatsApp users.

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