Kim Jong Un has executed seven people in public! Those who heard why couldn’t believe it…

North Korea has executed at least seven people for watching South Korean videos, including K-Pop music.

North Koreahas Executed at least seven people in public for watching and distributing South Korean media, including K-Pop videos, according to a new report by the Seoul-based human rights group ‘Transitional Justice Working Group’.


The human rights group compiled the report, which provides striking details through interviews with hundreds of North Korean defectors.

There have been at least 23 public executions under North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, who came to power after the death of his father, Kim Jong Il, a decade ago, the report said.

The asylum seekers interviewed said the public executions took place when the convicted man fired a total of nine bullets into his body, forcing the families of those executed to watch the execution.

One of the asylum seekers said he witnessed the execution as a warning message from the state, adding that “even when blood leaked from the prisoner’s brain, people were lined up and had the executed person face-looked at.”

Last December, the North Korean government passed a law making it a major crime to distribute South Korean media, including music and Movies.

Kim Jong Un, who has been waging a culture war and launching drastic measures against foreign influence, referred to K-Pop as a “brutal cancer.” SOFTENING STATEMENT TOOK A SHORT TIME

Kim attended a K-Pop concert in the North Korean capital in historic times that also encouraged warming relations between seoul and Pyongyang in 2018 between the United States and North Korea. But Kim appears to have changed his mind after talks with the Trump administration on denuclearization broke down and the North Korean economy faltered during the Covid-10 pandemic.


Kim has failed to secure the sanctions he requested from nuclear talks with the United States, and the Biden administration has taken almost no steps to restart negotiations.

However, unless the North Korean leader has taken important steps, such as abandoning nuclear enrichment activities and allowing inspectors into the country, he seems unlikely to see any action on the sanctions  front.

For the

first time in the Biden era, the United States imposed new sanctions on individuals and entities linked to North Korea for human rights violations.

During a trip to Southeast Asia this week, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the United States is seeking serious and sustained diplomacy with North Korea, underscoring that denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula remains Washington’s ultimate goal.

“We will work with allies and partners to address the threat posed by North Korea’s nuclear programs with a calibrated, practical approach, while at the same time strengthening our expanded deterrence,” Blinken said.

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