Donald Trump’s wife has set up an NFT platform!

Donald Trump’s wife Melania Trump has announced she is setting up her own NFT platform. Many digital artworks will be sold on the platform.

The cryptocurrency and NFT craze continues to grow day by day. New cryptocurrencies and artwork NFT’s are being launched. In this direction, many new cryptocurrency exchanges and NFT trading platforms are being established.

Melania Trump, the wife of former President Donald Trump,announced on her social media account that Trump had set up his own NFT platform. We were told that there were special series of digital artworks on the platform.

New NFT’s will be released every month on Melania Trump’s NFT platform!

It was posted on Melania Trump’s social media account today. Former first lady Melania Trump has set up a new NFT platform, the post said. Melania Trump said in a statement: “I am excited for this new initiative that combines my passion for art and my commitment to helping our nation’s children realize their unique American Dreams.”

A limited edition digital artwork called “Melania’s Vision” will go on sale on the platform until December 31, the statement said. Melania Trump’s first NFT includes a watercolor painting by Marc-Antoine Coulon and an audio recording recorded in January at the end of Donald Trump’s presidency. New NFT’s are expected to be released on the platform every month.

This first NFT will be worth about $150, and a portion of the proceeds will go to children who grew up in foster care and want to succeed in computer science and technology. Parler, the social media app that uses the solana blockchain platform, has announced that they will support Melania Trump’s new NFT platform.

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