Last minute… The whole world was looking forward to it! Putin, Biden meeting ends: Kremlin, White House statements

As the crisis between Russia and Ukraine continued, the phone call between US President Biden and Russian President Putin, which the world had been waiting for, ended after an hour. After the meeting, the White House said Biden had warned Putin that the price of a possible attack would be severe. The Kremlin criticized the United States for “reaching the peak of delusion,” while the leaders agreed to continue the dialogue.

Tensions on the Ukraine-Russia line are rising after repeated statements. A critical Meeting between US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin ended after an hour, a day after Washington announced that “Russia could invade Ukraine at any moment.”


Biden warned Putin that if Russia attacked Ukraine, there would be swift and serious consequences, the White House said after the meeting. According to the statement, Biden stressed that the United States is ready to adhere to diplomacy with all its partners, while also preparing for any scenario.


Russian Vice President Yuri Ushakov also made statements after the meeting. Summarizing the meeting between the two leaders, Vice President Ushakov said, “As expected in the context of the tense situation around Ukraine, President Biden mentioned anti-Russian sanctions. However, this issue was not discussed in the meeting. President Putin detailed the Approaches of the Russian side. It is time to resolve the issues related to Russia’s national security,” he said, adding that the concerns raised by President Biden would be taken into account by Russia. In addition, Russian Vice President Ushakov said that “Hysteria has reached its peak, but the Presidents have agreed to continue contacts.”

Referring to the fact that the United States even gave a date for the Russian invasion, Ushakov said, “We do not understand why false information was given about our intentions.”

Vice President Ushakov, meanwhile, said the issue of the US submarine intercepted by the Russian navy off the Kuril Islands had not been raised.


The United States has ordered some staff at the Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine, to leave the country, as the likelihood of Russia invading Ukraine increases. U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan also said at a news conference yesterday that Russia may invade Ukraine before the Beijing Winter Olympics, which end on February 20th, are over.

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