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Has Twitter crashed? There’s a lack of access!

Has Twitter crashed? Thousands of users are having trouble getting into Twitter, both in Turkey and in the global market. Here are the details.

According to user reports, Twitter is experiencing a global access problem. In addition to, iOS and Android apps are also experiencing significant problems.

According to, reports of technical problems on Twitter began to rise at 7:13 p.m. Problems users reported on other social platforms included not uploading their tweets or log out of Twitter.

Why won’t Twitter turn on?

According to data from, problems in the U.S. are particularly concentrated in Western states. As of 7:40 p.m., 52% of Twitter issues reported to DownDectector were related to the website, 39% related to the app, and 9% were related to server connectivity issues.


In addition to uploading tweets and accounts, there are also problems logging into the app. However, it has been observed that some users can use the app or even tweet. It’s unclear for now how long users will wait.

The first official statement on the access issue on Twitter has also arrived. “We fixed a technical error that prevented timelines from loading and sending Tweets. Everything will be back to normal. We apologize for the outage!” the statement said.

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