Pegasus software has been leaked to the U.S. State Department!

The new target of the Pegasus virus, which is known to have infiltrated the phones of many journalists and government officials, has been revealed.

We’ve heard that Pegasus, one of the most dangerous software of recent years, has infiltrated many companies and governments to date. Pegasus, which is known to access the data of critical names ranging from journalists to government officials, has a new target, this time the US State Department.

The NSO Group’s spyware obtained the information of at least nine employees of the U.S. State Department in Uganda, Reuters reported.

Pegasus virus continues to target peak names

The new attack on governments by pegasus spyware developed by the NSO Group hastargeted ministry employees in Uganda. Previously, the NSO Group claimed it could not listen to phone numbers starting with +1. Although this may be seen as a bluff by some experts, this may be trueconsidering that the hacked employees work for Uganda . Because these employees do not use a phone number that starts with +1 of the United States, they may have been easy bait.


The exact date of the attacks is not known, but Reuters reports they have taken place in the past few months. Pegasus software can delete log recordings after accessing the cameras and microphones of the devices it infiltrates. However, cybersecurity experts are able to detect pegasus-infected devices through their methods.

The United States recently blacklisted the NSO and began imposing extremely severe restrictions. Aside from the war between the U.S. Government and the NSO Group, Apple also complained about the NSO. Apple, which says the NSO serves a bad purpose by exploiting vulnerabilities to iMessage, continues to develop security patches against Pegasus in almost every iOS update.


Rumor has it that the U.S. Government is preparing to reach an agreement to ensure that the data collected by the spyware is not sold between the countries. While this is just a rumor, this escalating cyberwar between countries can lead to serious security problems.

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