Stunning claim for Courtney Love’s Elon Musk!

There was a twitter rift between Courtney Love and Elon Musk. Meanwhile, Love said he had Musk’s private emails.

Courtney Lovescolded Tesla CEO Elon Muskon Twitter for his response to Sanders. Bernie Sanders tweeted Thursday. Musk responded to Sanders’ tweet at this point.

Elon Musk, who stands out for his wealth, seems very angry with Sanders. “I keep forgetting you’re still alive,” he tweeted. This dialogue didn’t quite match Love. Then he said, Don’t pick Bernie, it’s Rendall Roy.

Courtney Love says she has Elon Musk’s private emails

Courtney Lovetweeted, “str8, male, PayPal do you know your mafia email group? I was at the BCC for MONTHS on this issue.” In a follow-up tweet, Love continued to make references to Elon Musk. Here, “relax @elonmusk. I’m a good queen. Capitalism and the American dream have been good for you. Be good,” he added.


Lovehas a lot of power on Twitter. At this point, his former lawyer Rhonda Holmessued him, saying a faulty DM that Love had publicly tweeted had damaged his reputation. In 2014,a jury ruled that Love should not be held responsible for a deleted tweet. Love is unlikely to tweet that Musk now has private emails without receipts to back up his claim.

Elon Musk has yet to respond to Love

At this time, Muskhas not publicly responded to Love. However, it turns out that Courtney Love had Musk’s email. This situation is thought to have been resolved privately. At this point, if he wants to route one of the private emails, it could compete with even the craziest parts of Succession.


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