Putin’s threat to the U.S. and NATO: Our response could be very different!

Russian President Putin has issued a threatening statement. Putin said that they would continue diplomatic efforts for the security guarantees russia wants, and when asked what would happen if this was inconclusive, he replied, ‘Our response may be very different’.

The eyes of the world have been on The Russian-Ukrainian border for some time. Discussing the latest developments in the crisis, which has escalated with the involvement of the United States and NATO, Putin has made some very talked about statements.

Speaking to Rossiya 1, the Russian President reminded that Moscow has offered strategic security guarantees to the United States and NATO in order to achieve a diplomatic outcome.

Underlining that Russia will strive for a positive outcome in the negotiations on these issues, Putin also talked about how Russia will proceed if the result is ‘negative’.

Putin said Russia’s reaction to NATO’s eastward expansion could vary depending on the advice of the country’s military experts.

‘Our response may be very different,’ Putin said in his statement. What happens depends on the proposals of our military experts.””


On December 17th, Russia published draft security proposals it wanted to sign with the United States and other NATO countries.

The proposals include mutual security guarantees in Europe, the failure of short- and medium-range missiles to reach each other’s territory, and NATO’s failure to extend east to the former Soviet republics surrounding Russia.


The Kremlin, meanwhile, categorically denies reports of a military buildup in the region. In 2014, however, Russia made similar claims and annexed Crimea after the site.

Putin has since been said to support separatists in eastern Ukraine at every turn against the western-backed Ukrainian government.


The crisis between Russia and Ukraine began when then-Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich failed to sign the European Union (EU) Association Agreement.

After this step, demonstrations began in the country on November 21, 2013. After Yanukovich fled the country in February 2014 amid growing demonstrations, pro-Russian separatists declared independence in the eastern cities of Donetsk and Lugansk in the eastern donbas region.

Clashes then broke out between the separatists and the Kiev government, and on March 18, 2014, the region was annexed by Russia.

More than 13,000 people have been killed in the conflict since 2014, according to official figures.

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