Epic Games is alleged to be giving remedy a game on December 26

Epic Games was allegedly giving remedy a game on December 26. The character’s hand is similar to the hand drawings on Epic Games wallpaper.

The adventure of free games, which Epic Games has started and almost made a tradition, continues. It was claimed that the platform that gave Preyon December 25thwill give a game of Remedy on December 26th. Previously, the list of games he was going to give until the end of December was leaked, but he was not on the list after a certain date.

Epic Games will give Control away for free again, it has been claimed

As you know, Epic Games is able to offer free games for free again in the future. In addition, the free game adventure he launched in December included games that he had previously offered for free. Some users on Twitter claimed that Epic Gameswould give control on December 26th. If we look at the free games offered on the platform, this is normal because Epic Games has previously given the same games for free at different intervals.

Control is a Love Craft themed game. It drags you into a phenomenon called the uncanny valley. The uncanny valley is a phenomenon built on human-like creatures creating disgust on us. This phenomenon was previously expressed by Japanese roboticist Masahiro Mori in 1970. The definition of “uncanny” is included in an article written by Ernst Jentsch in 1906.

The finding that supports this claim is that the hand ofour main character is on the wallpaper of the next game of Epic Games.

Control is a different game in every aspect. His story and the talents you can use with your character literally put you in a world where you can fantasize about power. It also has very satisfying mechanics in terms of gameplay. But Control is not a game that offers you the story directly. Instead, you need to put the story together in your head by collecting notes from the surrounding area.

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