The Latest: Flash Russia statement from Germany

German Defence Minister Christine Lambrecht said it was ‘unacceptable for Russia to dictate to its NATO partners how to position themselves’.

Answering questions from journalists during a visit to Lithuania, German Defence Minister Christine Lambrecht commented on The Russia-Ukraine tensions.

Meeting with his Lithuanian counterpart Arvydas Anusauskas, Lambrecht said:

‘We’ve got to resolve the tense situation. We need to talk to each other, which means discussing the proposals put forward by Russia. But it is unacceptable for Russia to dictate to its NATO partners how to position themselves.’

Following the Ukraine talks of EU leaders in Brussels last week, Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda said the current regional security situation is ‘probably… It was the most dangerous situation in 30 years.

Lithuania’s Rukla military base, meanwhile, has about 550 German troops.

Similar military units were deployed in the Baltic states after Moscow’s annexation of Crimea, with the goal of becoming a deterrent force.

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