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2 key features to instagram leaked

2 key features coming to the Instagram platform in 2022 have been leaked. Screenshots and details have also been revealed.

Meta-affiliated social media company Instagramis constantly trying to increase its daily usage experience with new features. On the one hand, the platform, which has more than 1 billion monthly users, is in fierce competition with TikTok and other social networks, sometimes copying features from its competitors. As an example, we can show the recently arrived Reels Response function.

Mobile app developer Alessandro Paluzzi shared a screenshot of two new features Instagram is working on. The first is that it makes it easier for users to create Boomerang; the other takes the cross-link between Instagram and Facebook one step further.

Facebook audience can be replaced by Instagram

If you’ve linked your accounts, you can simultaneously transfer a post you’ve shared on Instagram to Facebook. However, it is not possible to choose who can see your posts on Facebook directly via Instagram. According to Alessandro Paluzzi, the social media company will soon address this lack of users.

instagram facebook
The Facebook audience will be available on Instagram. Photo: Alessandro Paluzzi

When you share a post you uploaded to Instagram on Facebook, you’ll be able to choose “Audience.” There will be three different options: ‘Public’, ‘Friends’ and ‘Me only’. Once you’ve set a target audience, only the people you choose will be able to see the Instagram posts you’ve shared on Facebook.

Video can be converted to Boomerang

The other feature that Alessandro Paluzzi has revealed is that it allows the video to be converted to Boomerang. With Boomerang, users can share short 1-second videos in instagram’s story section. But this process needs to be done with the Instagram camera.

instagram boomerang
Videos in the gallery can be converted directly to Boomerang. Photo: Alessandro Paluzzi

In the new era, you’ll be able to share any part of a video that exists in your gallery in your story as Boomerang. Of course, this feature will be optional. Instead of using the video in your gallery, you will be able to create Boomerang with Instagram’s camera as usual.

Ronaldo is the most liked of 2021 on Instagram

In 2021, the most liked posts appeared on the Instagram platform. Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez’s post announcing they will have twins has been liked by 32 million people – with 100,000 people sayingthey will have twins. The post, in which singer Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez announced their marriage, received 26 million likes.

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