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The feature that will save Snapchat users a great deal of trouble!

Snapchat announced later this month that it would add a username change feature to the app. So how do you do it?

The username, which is on all social networks including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, is also available on the Snapchat platform. Usernames with English names are completely different from the first and last names. There can be more than one account with the same name as you. However, the username is unique and is made specific to a single account.

Sometimes it is desirable to change the username for various reasons. While all other social media apps have been allowing this for years; Snapchat has never offered username change. Therefore, the company, which is often criticized, finally decided to address this deficiency.

Snapchat brings username change

The username change feature, which has been being tested in Australia in recent months, will come to all Snapchat users from February 23. With the announced feature of Snapchat coming to the Android and iOS apps, anyone who wants to be able to change their username without the need to create a new account.

changing snapchat username
Steps to change usernames on Snapchat

A username can only be changed once a year. There are no such limitations on competing platforms such as Instagram or Twitter. Snapchat, meanwhile, warned that a previously used name could not be chosen. It also reports that when you switch to a new username, the old one will never be used again.

Here are the steps to change the Snapchat username:

  • Tap the Bitmoji icon in the upper-right corner of the camera to enter your profile.
  • Tap the gear wheel icon, then tap “UserName” and select “Change UserName”.
  • After this process, the new username will be immediately identified to your account.

Changing the username won’t have any impact on your contacts, Snap code, Snap Score, or memories.

snapchat username

“When we first launched Snapchat in 2011, we built our platform around accounts with usernames similar to email accounts at the time,” the company said in a statement. Now we have implemented the new system that provides flexibility in username.”

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