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Snapchat shelved the project that it announced with great hopes

The Pixy drone developed by Snapchat has been shelved. The social media giant said it was experiencing financial problems.

Bringing many innovations in the social media field to users , Snapchat introduced its drone called Pixy at the Snap Partner Summit 2022 event in the past months . However, Pixy, which experienced some negativities and remained below expectations, was canceled by the social media giant.

Pixy’s sales will continue until stocks run out

Although the project has been shelved, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel has announced that he will continue to sell his products until they are out of stock . The device, which went on sale in two different packages, was preferred by users in the USA.


Snapchat’s drone Pixy comes with a battery and carrying strap in its $230 version. In a $ 250 top package, users are offered two additional batteries. At the same time, according to the data on the official website, each battery offers a capacity of 5-8 flights .

The Pixy drone, which can take off from hand and land again, has four different shooting modes. At the same time, it can save the images it takes directly to the user’s phone and share it directly on Snapchat if desired.

Model name Snap Pixy Drone
Battery 5 to 8 short flights
Camera 12 Megapixels
Packages and Prices $230 and $250
Other Automatic hand lift, 4 different shooting modes, synchronization with mobile devices

Recording its lowest growth in the last quarter, Snapchat lost 40 percent in its stocks, according to the financial report. Before the negativity in the Pixy project, the company announced that it would slow down hiring.

CEO Spiegel also expressed that they would like to produce a second model, if there were no financial problems and users “loved the drone enough”.

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