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Feature from Snapchat to reduce parents’ worries!

Snapchat is working on a security feature that will keep young users safe and comfort parents.

Snapchatis one of the timed photo sharing apps that has been used quite a lot around the world for years. It somehow manages to keep its users on the platform with the fun filters it brings. But like any social media app, Snapchat can be dangerous for younger users.

Now the company is introducing a restriction that will reduce parents’ concerns about their child’s safety. In this way, parents who use snapchat will be more comfortable with their children’s safety. Here’s the next Snapchat feature for young users…

Friend suggestion restriction for young Snapchat users

Snapchat has a section called “Add Fast” to add new friends. You can add people you might know through this feature. Now the company is reviewing this feature for the safety of young users. Now adult strangers will be much less likely to see the accounts of young users in the “Add Fast” section.

Users between the ages of 13 and 17 won’t be able to see friends in add friends unless they have a certain number of mutual friends. While this change will not completely prevent adult strangers from contacting children aged 13-17, it seems to greatly reduce the risk.

In a blog post, the company said the change was aimed at tackling the fentanyl epidemic and preventing drug dealers from finding new ways to abuse Snapchat. The company has faced scrutiny in recent months over the way it handles drug dealers on its platform.

Snap also announced Tuesday that it is developing the ability to proactively detect drug-related content on its platform. He added that 88 per centof drug-related content is now proactively detected with AI. The company has created a team that works directly with law enforcement and said it has significantly improved the time it takes law enforcement to respond to their requests.

At a Senate hearing last fall, Jennifer Stout,Snap’s Vice President of Global Public Policy , briefed on another security feature the company is working on. Snap is working on new parental control features that will make it easier for parents to track their children’s activities on the app, according to Stout. These features are expected to be available in the coming months.

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