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Texas is suing Meta over a technology he used on Facebook!

Meta was sued for violating texas law by a technology he used on the Facebook app.

Like any major tech company, Meta, in its former form, Facebook, occasionally faces all sorts of lawsuits. Patent fights of the application or technologies used by the company can be the cause of these lawsuits, whether due to the format of the social media platform or streaming trends.

This time, Meta was sued over a technology he used for Facebook. We have disclosed for you the details of the lawsuit filed by the State of Texas. Here’s the Facebook technology that’s the subject of the lawsuit…

Texas doesn’t want to use Facebook’s facial recognition system

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s lawsuit against Meta was because of the facial recognition system facebook used. The lawsuit, which allegedly violated the Texas Biometric Identifier Capture or Use (CUBI) Act, the photo tagging system Meta uses on Facebook, was filed in district state court today.

Facebook facial recognition

Texas wants financial losses covered and an end to unauthorized use of Texan biometric data. The aforementioned CUBI restrictions were adopted in 2009 and the provision is still in place. By law, biometric data such as facial geometry must be approved with an information form before collection.

According to the lawsuit, Facebook scans user photos without permission, and its auto-tagging system means bulk biometric data collection. It also brings to mind the claim in an earlier case that Instagram was scanning images for facial recognition that allegedly contradicted statements in the user privacy and security agreement.

Dina El-Kassaby, Director of Meta Policy and Crisis Communications, said the allegations were unwarranted and they would defend themselves to the fullest. The Texas Attorney General’s Office alleges that “Facebook obtained and destroyed the biometric identifiers of millions of Texans without their informed consent for commercial purposes and did not destroy them in a reasonable time.”

The lawsuit seeks a $25,000 fine for each CUBI violation and an additional $10,000 per violation of the Texas Deceptive Trading Practices Act. That would equate to hundreds of billions of dollars in total, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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