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Tumblr has made another move not to be kicked out of the App Store!

Tumblr, one of the most popular social media platforms of recent times, is taking radical steps to avoid being kicked out of the App Store again.

Tumblr, once one of the most popular social media platforms and especially popular with bloggers, is doing its best not to be kicked out of the App Store again by Apple.

The famous social media platform has decided to restrict the content that users can see when using the Apple iOS app. In this way, the platform , whichhas not been in trouble with Apple since 2018 , will once again try not to face the danger of being banned.

Firm doesn’t want apple to ban again

First released in 2007 as an alternative blogging platform to WordPress and Blogger, Tumblr quickly gained a lot of attention. Especially in the first half of the 2010s, the platform that affected the whole world ceased to be just a blogging site after a while with the innovations it added to its structure.

What is Tumblr Post Plus?

In the intervening years, however, Tumblr has become the focus of major controversy, with +18 images and videos becoming readily available. Tumblr was first deleted by the App Store in 2018 on the grounds that it contained sexual content and pornographic materialabout children. Tumblr, which has never reconciled with Apple in the intervening three years, is doing its best not to have the same problems again.

According to the latest reports from the social media platform front, the famous social media platform has decided to update its app specifically to comply with Apple’s broadcast and app policies.

In the new era, Tumblr will not allow filtering for any content that may be sensitive (violence, obscenity, pornography, etc.). This means that Apple iOS users will not be able to access this material through the app, even if they want to.In a statement to tech website TechCrunch, Tumblr’s senior executivesaid the change would not affect those using Tumblr on desktop and Android. However, it was stated that the company will produce much stronger solutions for filtering in the new period.

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