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Twitter is working on a special innovation for iOS users

Twitter, the famous social media platform, is working on a feature that allows iOS users to react to tweets with video.

Twitter, one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, continues to test the features it is preparing to bring to all platforms in the new era. The latest feature, which is sometimes only available to Androidand sometimes iOS users, has been trialled by Apple iOS users. Users will now be able to react to tweets with video.

Twitter brings an additional feature to the Retweet button

Twitter, which released a statement via its official support page last Thursday, has launched a new feature for a small group of users in its iOS app. With this new feature you will now be able to add a video response while retweeting someone’s post, at the same time using your camera.

Thanks to this feature promoted by Twitter, after clicking the retweet button, the third option will appear and a phrase such as ‘Quote tweet with reaction’ will be seen. After selecting this option, your camera will turn on and a short video will be recorded to react to the post you retweeted.

The original tweet will be presented with an image that will be in front of the video, thereby increasing the interaction. Twitter has not given any details about the maximum length of the reaction video, but it is expected to be the same as the maximum time limit uploaded to Twitter.

After you’ve captured your reaction, this retweet becomes visible to all your followers on the timeline. Twitter has not shared any information about whether the feature has been tested with users in a specific region or when it will be available to everyone.

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