Innovation in Windows 11 that interests those who use dual monitors!

Although it’s not even its first year, Windows 11, which millions love to use, addresses one of the missing features.

Since the introduction of Windows 11 in June, many new features have come to date. With this new operating system going from beta to stable, we started installing updates as if we were in a marathon. Some of the incoming updates resolve errors, while others add new features. Today we see the addition of another feature to Windows 11, the published update concerns those who use dual monitors.

Windows 11 improves taskbar on dual monitors

One of the most criticized topics about Windows 11 to date was the lack of experience on the dual monitor. This situation is still not fully resolved, when you install another monitor on your Windows 11 device, you do not see many items on the second screen. In particular, the empty taskbar presented an unpleasant image.

With the incoming update, the problem is gradually solved. With the patch released today, the date and time are now visible on the screen of the second monitor. Adding this feature is a nice development, but more is needed. Following this innovation as part of the February update, we expect more features to be added for the dual monitor.

windows 11
Windows 11

If you use dual monitors for your daily tasks, we can say that upgrading to Windows 11 will not please you very much. However, more corrections will be made in the coming months, with the feature added. If you’re using Windows 10, you might still consider not updating for a while.

That’s not the only innovation that comes with the February update. The update released the first preview that allows Android apps to be installed. However, there are design and function changes in notebook and media player applications. If you are currently in Windows 11, we can recommend installing this update.

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