iPhone satellite connection feature saved a person’s life

The satellite link feature introduced by Apple with the iPhone 14 series saved a person’s life in Alaska

Apple, with theiPhone 14family, which it introduced in recent months, announced that they will offer users satellite connection feature. An iPhone 14 user living in Alaska was rescued from the area where he was stranded thanks to a satellite connection.

iPhone 14 satellite connection saves lives in Alaska

The satellite connection, which was activated in November, saved one person’s life last night. The U.S. Department of Public Safety said, “Around two o’clock in the morning on December 1, we received information that an Apple iPhone Emergency SOS feature had been activated via satellite on the iPhone of an adult male traveling by snowmobile from Noorvik to Kotzebue. A rescue operation carried out by the Alaska State Police Department took the person from the area where he was stranded.”

iPhone 14 satellite connection saves lives in Alaska

The Alaska State Police Department acted with Apple’s Emergency Response Center and local search/rescue teams to ensure the person was rescued without any injuries.

It’s worth remembering that the feature, which was released in the United States and Canada in November, will be available for free to iPhone 14 owners for the first two years. On the day the feature became available, Apple announced via satellite that Emergency SOS would be rolling out to four new countries over the next few months.

On Apple’s website, regarding the feature that can generate an emergency call via satellite connection, “Our new models have special components that are deeply integrated with the software to allow the antennas to be connected directly to a satellite. Users will be able to text with emergency services when outside cellular or Wi-Fi coverage. This process can take several minutes because satellites are moving targets with low bandwidth. Since every second counts with Emergency SOS via satellite, iPhone poses a few vital questions to assess the user’s condition. After the answered questions, the device shows where they need to point their phones to connect to the satellite. During this process, the emergency call is forwarded to centers with Apple-trained specialists.”

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