New patent from Apple that cares about visuals!

Apple has received a new patent that cares about visuals. Turns off the visible buttons when you don’t have to. Here are the details…

Apple continues to develop its new technologies. At this point, it changes the physical buttons and controls on its products. On Tuesday, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple a patent covering the ‘concealable entry zone for an electronic device’. The patent explains the technology that uses micro-holes to detect input.

Apple says the purpose of the patent is to eliminate large buttons, keys and mechanically operated structures used to detect inputs on a device. The main reason for this is that traditional input elements lack flexibility.

Apple eliminates unnecessary buttons

Apple is creating a solution to the current situation by adding an input surface outside the device. When enabled, these micro-holes can display virtual switches, buttons, or notification graphics to illuminate an input region.

The patent said entry zones cannot be visually detected if they are not illuminated. The idea is that these areas remain invisible when they’re not in use.


It can also be configured with a tactile section to simulate the tactile response of a key or button, the company says. This input layer can also contain a translucent layer made of glass, ceramic, plastic or a combination of them.

Parts of the patent text describe the Watch. Still, the patent shows the microparphoration technology applied to both iPhoneApple Pencil and MacBook devices.

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