Samsung breaks speed records with its new SSD!

Leading technology manufacturer Samsung has set a speed record with its new SSD, which gets its power through PCIe 5.0.

SSDs, which can run at least 3 times faster than HDDs usually available on older computers, increase speed limits year after year. Although SSDs at 3,500mb/s usually come to mind when it comes to high-performance SSDs, the requirements of the business world push this limit up. The speed results of Samsung’s SSD, which uses the PCIe 5.0 interface, focused on the business world, have arrived.

Samsung sets speed record with SSD using PCIe 5.0

The recently announced SSD, model number PM1743, was notable for using the PCIe 5.0 standard. Currently, the most performance SSDs on the market are plugged into the speed limit of PCIe 4.0. The fact that this standard restricts read and write speeds to 7,800mb/s was a barrier for more powerful SSDs. The newly announced PCIe 5.0 is almost twice that; It can offer speeds of up to 14,000mb/s.

Samsung is among the leading companies to use this new standard. The benchmark test with samsung PM1743 used the i9 12900K processor, ASUS Z960 motherboard and EVGA RTX 3080. This performance monster computer test allowed the Samsung PM1743 to reach a speed of 13,829mb/s, setting a record.

Due to the limit of PCIe 4.0, no SSD has ever reached this speed before. But all Samsung does is be a pioneer. In the coming months, thanks to the upward limit of the new PCI standard, we will see SSD models from other manufacturers so fast. In fact, more successful SSDs can be produced and marketed in matters such as cache and response time.

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