Final Fantasy 14 sales have been discontinued for an interesting reason!

Square Enix has decided to pull its beloved game Final Fantasy 14 from sale for a while. The reason for the decision is quite interesting.

Square Enix announced in an apology post posted today via its official website that they had to temporarily suspend sales of Final Fantasy 14. The reason behind this decision is that endwalker,the latest expansion pack to the game, has received much more attention than expected…

Endwalker has received a lot of attention.

MMORPG game Final Fantasy 14,played with Square Enix’s monthly subscription system, became inaccessible after the introduction of the new expansion pack Endwalker to players.

Square Enix admitted that they reached a total of 1 million new players after the arrival of Endwalkerand that such a measure was taken to prevent the servers from crashing. However, after this negative development, Square Enix is trying to please the players.

Naoki Yoshida,the game’sexecutive producer and general manager, explained that a large number of people playing Endwalker exceeded Square’s server capacity. To reduce long wait times for logged-in players, the company decided to stop selling Final Fantasy 14 to new players to temporarily stop the wave of incoming server traffic.

Yoshida said they had to limit waiting times due to game hours exceeding server capacity, and final fantasy 14 Starter Edition and Complete Edition sales would not be available for a while. In addition, players will not be able to temporarily benefit from the free trial. Square Enix will issue an official statement on when the restriction will be lifted.

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