Instagram is getting the beloved TikTok feature!

Instagram has launched its new TikTok-inspired feature. Users will now be able to add text voiceovers to their Reels videos.

Instagram continues to offer new features to its users. The platform, which is especially prominent with what it gets from its competitors, and even outperforms some of its competitors in this way, will make another addition. Instagram’scurrent goal is TikTok again.

The social media platform, which closely follows the success of TikTok,has previously added the Reels plugin. The company is now gearing up for video voiceover.

Competition between Instagram and TikTok heats up

The feature, developed by TikTok and allowing the voice of posts in videos, has been adapted to its platform by Instagram. The plugin, which reads the texts that users enter according to the sound they choose, will meet its users in the Editing Reals videos section. In this way, users will have the opportunity to use artificial sounds instead of voice what they write.

Announcing the development on its blog page, the company introduced the feature to Android and iOS users. In a statement, Instagram said:

This feature is available in our text tool on the Reels camera and allows an automatically generated sound to read your text aloud. It helps you add narration, get creative, and add fun and humor in your Reels videos without using your own voice from text to speech.

Instagramadded the long-standing text voiceover of the TikTok front, which has garnered the likes of its users. The fact that TikTok users in particular have benefited from this situation for a long time also created an expectation on the other side.


However, text voiceover is not the only innovation coming from the Instagram front. The platform also announced new features to video-focused creators that can make Reels videos more fun. The company has introduced new sound effects for its users. In this way, creators will now have options such as helium, robot and vocalist. The company, which wants to increase the number of users, can succeed with new moves. Because in the past, they have managed to defeat many of their opponents with similar moves. Let’s see if Instagrammanages to get ahead of TikTokin the fierce competition with its new features. We’ll just have to wait and see.

How did you guys find the newly added enhancements? Do you think Instagram is late for text voiceover? Don’t forget to give us your feedback.

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