Microsoft will develop apps and games for Metaverse!

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella confirmed today that the company will develop apps and games for Metaverse!Following its Ignite 2021 event, Microsofttoday announced the Metaverse version of Microsoft Teams,available for meetings and video calls. The company’s CEO, Satya Nadella,then told Bloombergthat they are also working to integrate Xbox consoles into this system.

Microsoft and Metaverse are arm in arm!

In an interview, Nadella, Ceo of Microsoft, said:

You can definitely expect us to play games. If you treat Haloas a game, it’s a Metaverse. Likewise, so is Minecraft and Flight Sim. Today, we are asked if we can take these games in 2D into the world of 3D Metaverse. We certainly aim to make that happen.

For several years, Microsofthas been expected to bring Minecraftto its VR and AR platform. Six years ago, the company seemed to be working on a special version of this game for HoloLens. Then, in the introduction of the title, he astonished those who tried, demonstrating the potential of the game with augmented reality. But all we’ve seen so far is Minecraft Earth, the augmented reality game developed for mobile.

Currently, Microsoft Flight Simulatormimics the weather and locations around the world, convincing players that you can pilot a real plane online. Making Minecraft, Halo, and Flight Simaccessible to 3D worlds would be a really ambitious move. It can make a big noise, especially if these productions are available through players’ titles.

Satya Nadelladeclined to give a date for when we’ll see 3D Metaverse games. Because for the moment, the company is focused on corporate announcements and new avatars being developed. However, Microsoft,which is already working successfully on VR systems, is thought to be able to integrate into this platform in a short period of time.

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