Important patent for rolling screen from Samsung

Samsung has started working on the rolling and expanding screen. The newly leaked Samsung screen patent has important details.Samsung went on the offensive for the rolling screen, which Oppo lit its fire but never became a reality. In fact, even Apple has had a patent on this issue before. Now it has been leaked that Samsung is on its way to the rolling phone and has obtained a highly detailed patent.

What does Samsung’s rolling and expanding screen patent say?

Although foldable screens have been quite popular recently, the wear and tear of hinges over time is one of the biggest problems. Samsung’s first Galaxy Fold experience, in particular, revealed how sensitive this hinge is. Although manufacturers have started to produce much more durable hinges, hinge problems have not been solved. In this sense, the rolling screencan be a much better solution for folding phones.

Samsung’s rolling and expanding screen patent isquite detailed. The patent shows the screen bending inward. What makes this bending is a motorized rotation instead of a hinge. According to the patent, when the phone does not expand, it will have a size of 6 inches, like the current Galaxy Fold. Again, when this screen expands, it will appear with a tablet size over 7 inches.

Samsung rolling screen patent is quite detailed

At Samsung, just like Apple, it is patenting its own major new technologies. In fact, in August of this year, it was revealed that Samsung had patented the rolling and expanding screen. This new patent reveals that Samsung is working very seriously for the rolling screen.

Although the Oppo X actually came across as a concept, it was the first phone model with a rolling and expanding screen. The model, which has not been heard from for a long time, will perhaps be Oppo’s first phone with a folding screen. Another brand that took the first step in this regard was LG. Although the company that withdrew from the smartphone market has not been able to realize this project, it has taken an important step for the future.

Rolling screens will also allow especially folding screens to get rid of the ugly floor mark. The fact that the dust that enters the hinge does not come out is one of the factors that affects the lifespan of these phones. So what do you think, can phones with rolling screens between tablet phones really

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