Alarm in England! Gunman shocks Queen Elizabeth’s castle

A man has been arrested after breaking into the grounds of Windsor Castle, where Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II was due to spend Christmas, and armed with an assault weapon.

England A man has reportedly trespassed on the grounds of Windsor Castle,where Queen Elizabeth II came to spend Christmas this year. Thames Valley police said the 19-year-old was from Southampton and had trespassed on the castle’s property at 8.30am local time. Police said he was arrested for trespassing and possession of an “assault weapon,” adding that he had not entered any buildings and members of the royal family had been informed of the incident.
Rebecca Mears, of Thames Valley police, said an investigation had been launched into the incident, adding: “We are working with colleagues from the Metropolitan
police. We can confirm that the security systems were triggered by the man entering the property and did not enter any buildings. We do not believe that there is a danger to the people.”
This year, the Queen chose Windsor Castle over spending Christmas at Sandringham Manor as

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