Games with graphics good enough to push your video card!

Many of today’s productions are games that will challenge your computer at home. So we put them together to create a list.

Many of today’s games are challenging computers with the hardware features we have. Some productions even have games that will challenge your computer with the latest hardware. These usually occur in high-graphics games.

Sometimes games experience various contractions when the processor cannot move the video card. That goes the other way around. As such, some innovations need to be made to computer hardware. In this content, we have put together games that will make your computer very difficult.

Games with the best graphics

Today, the productions that will push computers the most are games that require high graphics. If this had happened in the past, we would have dealt with optimization problems in the first place. However, productions that require high system requirements lead to various contractions or freezing situations on low-equipped computers. Here are the games that will force your computer…

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Assassin’s Creed Odysseyhas been acclaimed by fans of the series since its debut. Lately, the production is not preferred for replay. However, if you want to go back to ancient Greek times and you have it in your library, you can have fun moments.


Facial models, open world and general controls have always been an important factor in the Assassin’s Creed series. The story of the Odyssey is set to keep you in charge for hours. It’s not the latest game in the series, but the minimum 4GB graphics card requires a GTX 970 and i7-3770 processor. When you enter the gameand see its graphics, you directly understand how difficult the construction will be on your computer.

Far Cry 5

When Far Cry 5 was released, it captivated with its graphics. This first-person shooter game offers an open and spacious space that leans towards outdoor landscapes on tight indoor architecture. This production of the series takes place in a fictional location in the USA.


Featuring a heavy military atmosphere, Far Cry 5offers a good experience. If you’ve experienced Far Cry games before, it’ll look similar to them. But if you’re just getting started, it can offer a nice experience. To get the most out of this game, the GTX 1080 and i7-6700 are the best choice for you. The greatest success of this production comes from its visual quality.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2,the latest game from Rockstar Games,offered a good job in terms of graphics and story. It impressed the players especially in terms of animations. The small details in the production reveal how much work has been put into it.


The world of Red Dead Redemption 2 is among the most comprehensive of the productions so far. The naturally friendly construction promises a map from streams to mountains. To play this game, NVIDIA GTX 1060 and Ryzen 5 1500X hardware must come together as a minimum.

Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5has walked an important path to capture realism in terms of graphics. The production was considered one of the most successful racing games to date. This version of the series scored as high as 92 in Metacritic. The game captures the real world quite well.

Forza Horizon 5minimums the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970in the graphics area. In addition, you need to have at least the i5-4460 chipset in the processor part. If you’re looking for a good racing game right now, Forza Horizon 5 might be a good choice.

Crysis 3

When you talk about computer coercion, you wouldn’t want to list Crysis 3. Crysis 3 is one of the most famous games on the market for graphics. In fact, that’s how he got his reputation. This production will be a good choice if you want to see how far your PC’s hardware capabilities can go.

The game has a good history of turning off graphics cards and processors that can’t handle its intensity. Therefore, nothing below nvidia GeForce GTX 560 and AMD Radeon HD 5870is recommended.

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