Russia reacts to Japan over Kuril Islands exhibition

The Russian Foreign Ministry summoned a diplomat from the Japanese Embassy in the capital Moscow to the Ministry after an exhibition on the Kuril Islands in Tokyo, Japan.

After the defeat of Japanin the second world war, there was a new diplomatic tension regarding the Kuril Islands, which joined the territory of the Soviet Union and caused constant tensions between Russia and Japan in the following years. The Russian Foreign Ministry, acting after an art exhibition dedicated to the Kuril Islands in Tokyo, Japan, summoned a diplomat from the Japanese Embassy in the capital Moscow to the Ministry Residence.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mariya Zakharova informed the public after the development, “Despite the official warning of the Russian Foreign Ministry regarding a similar incident in 2020, it was seen that japanese organizers took this provocative step again. The Russian side will continue to closely monitor such actions, which show Tokyo’s reluctance to take steps that do not take into account security concerns, including destabilizing military activities in partnership with the United States.”

Zakharova said the Japanese diplomat had been summoned to the Ministry Residence, “Expressing concern about the Japanese-American naval exercises that began on December 6th in the Hokkaido Island region. The operations are forcing us to see these manoeuvres as a serious challenge and a potential threat to the security of our country in the Far East.”

On the other hand, today the Russian Consulate in Lviv, Ukraine, was attacked with molotovkokteyli by an unidentified person, and the Russian Foreign Ministry gave a note to Ukraine after the attack. Describing the attack on the Russian Consulate as a “terrorist attack,” the Ministry had asked for increased security measures at its embassies and consulates in the country.

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