Marvel and Sony want more for new Spider-Man film

Marvel and Sony are eyeing big awards for Spider-Man: No Way Home. Kevin Feige and Tom Rothman explained.

Marvel’s new Spider-Man film, No Way Home, has been in cinemas and on screen since its first day on screen, with many people fleeing spoilers on social media. No matter how many we try to avoid spoilers, we can’t get rid of them. All this aside, the new Spider-Man film has had some good success at the box office, but nothing less could be expected of a Marvel movie. In addition, the new film will receive many awards in the coming years, and it is already winking for it. Marvel and Sony want more on the award.

Marvel and Sony eye Oscars for Spider-Man: No Way Home

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige and Sony president Tom Rothman believe Spider-Man: No Way Homedeserves a Best Picture nomination at the Oscars. At the ceremony in 2019, Black Pantherwas in the Best Picture category.

Rothman argued that no way home’s box office success and being the “perfect movie” could not be ignored. Feige likened No Way Home to Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King,describing it as both the Homecoming trilogy and the embodiment of previous Spider-Man films.

Earlier this month, Feigenoted that the Academyhas a bias against superhero movies and also stressed that the film is at a disadvantage because of this bias towards the Marvel universe and studio.

Although you might think the Academy isn’t biased against superhero movies, it has a bias for big awards – likeBest Picture. But Feige and Rothman note that No Way Home is very good and rely on their films.

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