Microsoft adds speed to the speed of Xbox consoles

Xbox Series X/S boot time has been shortened considerably. The new boot update released by Microsoft will delight the players.

It has been announced that Microsoft has made a new performance update to Xbox Series X / S consoles . The new boot update, which almost doubles the boot speed of Xbox Series models, managed to surprise Xbox users.

Xbox Series X/S boot speed doubled

The shortening in boot time, noticed by Xbox Series X/S users recently, has been confirmed by Microsoft. According to Xbox Marketing Manager Josh Munsee , the screen where the Xbox logo appears went from 9 seconds to 4 seconds. The entire boot of the Xbox , on the other hand , slumped from 20 seconds to 13-14 seconds .

It was stated that the new performance update was most noticed in the area where the Xbox logo was shown. By preparing a shorter boot animation, Microsoft was able to offer users a faster boot time.

The change to Xbox Series X/S boot has been applied to all consoles. So you can take advantage of the fast boot time by downloading the latest update. However, it should be noted that this will only work in Energy Saver mode. If you have n’t experienced a shortened Xbox Series boot time, you may be in Standby mode.

Announced in the first quarter of this year, the Energy Saver mode makes it possible for the console to consume more power, as you can understand from its name. Let’s point out that Microsoft has made this mode the default option, so if you haven’t made any changes, it’s in Energy Saver.

This isn’t the only Xbox innovation that has caught attention lately. A while ago, Discord , the platform that players love , finally brought the voice chat feature to Xbox. Thus, users had the opportunity to play games more comfortably.

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