The best superhero games for Marvel fans (Android – iOS)

What are the best Marvel superhero games released for Android and iOS? Here are the free games you can play with Marvel characters.

Marvel , which started out as a simple comic book publisher ; Today it appears in almost every field, including comics, movies, TV series and video games. But what are the best Marvel superhero games for Android and iOS users ?

Marvel superhero games for Android and iOS

If you want to revive the legendary heroes of Marvel and have fun with your friends, there are many enjoyable Android and iOS games . You can enjoy fierce competition thanks to the best Marvel games every Marvel fan should play .

The video games of the Marvel Universe have grown tremendously over the past few years. There are Marvel productions in different categories for Android and iOS users. These games in the role-playing, MOBA and RPG genres give you the opportunity to portray the characters in the MCU.

1) Marvel Contest of Champions (Android/iOS)

The biggest battles in Marvel history are in your hands with this free game featuring many characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe . Contest of Champions , featuring popular characters such as Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Wolverine and Deadpool ; It makes it possible for you to fight enemies like Thanos and Kang the Conqueror.

Offering 3D graphics in a two-dimensional space, this free game provides the opportunity to choose between different types of attacks during combat. You can also upgrade your characters and team and fight more powerfully in xbattles.

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