Among Us goes to a new dimension!

Among Us is preparing to enter a new dimension with VR technology. The new version will be introduced at the end of the year.

The popular game of the last period Among Us was very popular. The game, which attracts great attention all over the world, manages to offer fun moments to its users. The developers of the game also aim to maintain the popularity of the game with updates and innovations.

The popular game can be played easily by anyone with its simple graphics . However, this situation seems to change with the new version of Among Us. The new version, supported by VR technology , will be introduced this year.

Among Us VR is with us at the end of 2022!

The popular game is preparing to enter a new dimension with VR technology .According to the listing in the Steam DB, Among US VR will be introduced in December. It is stated that the game, which was said to be introduced on November 10, will now be revealed on December 13 .

among us
Among Us VR first surfaced at The Game Awards 2021 . The company also shared a short gameplay video of the game during the event. In the teaser video, we see a player being stabbed by another character while performing missions on the spaceship.

In the new Among Us VR , the gameplay will remain the same, but instead of watching the game from above, you will be able to follow it with your own eyes. The new game will find its place on Steam , PlayStation VR and Meta Quest 2 .

among us

We can say that SteamDB , a third-party database that collects data from Steam , is a very reliable data source. The site, which contains a lot of information on Steam, is especially famous for notifying games that will be free in advance.

Although many games have previously announced the release date, this date written in SteamDB is not certain. The release date may be delayed if the game’s development team, Innersloth , encounters unexpected problems .

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