Shocking claim about GTA 6 release date from Microsoft!

Microsoft has added a statement about the GTA 6 release date to the defense petition submitted by Activisi in the Blizzard investigation.

GTA 6 came up with a new claim after leaking test visuals to Rockstar servers in September. Microsoft, which defended itself in the Activision Blizzard investigation, mentioned the GTA 6 release date in its petition.

Microsoft may have missed it! New claim for GTA 6 release date

Microsoft’s process of buying Activision Blizzard has left its mark on the gaming world with new claims. The company, which submitted a defense petition to the investigation, made striking claims about the gaming industry.

Microsoft may have missed it! GTA 6 release date revealed

On page 24 of the document published by Microsoft, it is stated that “The highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI game is expected to be released in 2024.” Analysts say that Microsoft has resorted to different ways to prove that it will not hinder competition in the industry when it buys Activision Blizzard.

Rockstar Games is known as one of the most famous perfectionist game makers in the industry. The company’s principles of perfectionism have led to the emergence of some of the biggest and most scrutinized games of the last few decades, including RedDead Redemption 2, Max Payne 3, and Grand Theft Auto IV, most notably Grand Theft Auto V.

Published reports about GTA 6 suggest that the game could be released by 2025. Rockstar is initially expected to announce a 2024 release date and then postpone it to next year.

Rockstar expects GTA 6 to outperform GTA 5, a long-time favorite of gamers. It is worth remembering that GTA 5 has sold more than 170 million copies to date and is among the best-selling games.

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