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3D avatars coming to Instagram and Facebook

Meta began adapting 3D avatars to social media with Instagram and Facebook updates. How to create a 3D avatar on Instagram?

Facebook’s parent company Meta is starting to bring 3D avatars to Facebook Messenger and Instagram. The social media giant has announced that it will offer 3D avatars for Instagram Stories and direct messages. Through Meta’s platforms, users can use meta’s platforms to; use their virtual characters in stickers, posts, Facebook profile pictures.

The new 3D avatar feature, which will first be available for the U.S., Canada and Mexico, will be available on Meta’s platforms, including the Quest VR platform. Meta’s general manager for avatars and virtual identity, Aigerim Shorman, said in a blog post that the new avatars will include shapes and auxiliary devices such as hearing aids and wheelchairs to cover users with disabilities.

Create a 3D avatar on Instagram and Facebook

According to Shorman, avatars are the only avatars that can be found in the world. It will bridge VR and AR, create a digital world interconnected between more familiar platforms such as phones and computers, and, most importantly, make it easier for the company to create an exciting metaverse world.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said metaverse was a top priority for the company when he announced Meta’s new name last year. “You’re going to have multiple avatars in different ways (in the coming period) that really make it to you,” Zuckerberg said in a recent post.

That’s where Meta’s avatar expansion comes in. With its familiar capacity to portray yourself as your virtual identity, Meta is currently positioning itself as a platform for creating these characters. Meta’s photorealistic avatars are still highly advanced today, and you can use them as a true representation of your profile in digital environments.

Meta is now working to incorporate himself into this change. This could be an important step, given its reach, presence, and capacity to facilitate connection to metaverse with special avatar tools.

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