Critical name change decision from Facebook!

Oculus, the world-famous manufacturer of virtual reality goggles, has been renamed. The company’s new name has been announced as Meta Quest.

Virtual reality goggles have been becoming popular again lately. In particular, meta’s steps regarding metaverse and land sales in metaverse have made virtual glasses that were not used much some time ago popular again.

Oculus is positioned as a manufacturer of virtual reality goggles within Meta. Especially with the Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality goggles, it had achieved good sales figures. A post by the company surprised everyone. The famous maker of virtual reality goggles has changed its name.

Oculus’ new name is Meta Quest!

Oculus’ official Twitter account announced that the company’s name had been changed. In the post, it was announced that the company’s new name is Meta Quest“New name, same mission,” the post said. Following this post, the username of the company’s official Twitter account was changed to “MetaQuestVR“.

This change shows us that the meta name will remain the permanent name of the company. At the moment, there will be no difference for users with Oculus Quest virtual reality glasses. The new glasses will now be delivered to users under the name Meta Quest. However, with this brand change, some people have question marks in their minds.

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