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Telegram has been warned to shut down!

Telegram may shut down due to its users. The German government is concerned about the sharing of people who are part of the platform.

Telegramremains popular among messaging apps. Thanks to its security innovations, the platform, which is preferred by users many times, sometimes sees the negative effect of this situation. Because the latest statements are the kind that would jeopardize the future of the practice.

Telegram,which is on the radar of the German front, is putting its life on the internet in danger due to some users within it. Interior Secretary Nancy Faeser has made important statements on the issue.

Some Telegram users are putting the platform at risk

Speaking to the press, Faeserunderlined that Telegram is often used for political purposes. He argued that far-right groups and people who spread anti-vaccine propaganda against the government had opened up groups, arguing that they should be prevented in some way. According to Faeser,the continuation of this situation adds danger to the life of the application.


It is thought that those who attempt to violate German law should be punished, while those who do so via social media are also on the state’s radar. Faeser argued that order should be maintained just in case, explaining that the Telegram platform could be shut down completely “if necessary.” Germanyhas yet to respond to the Telegram front, which has learned that it will not withdraw from the closure.

Telegram, which has a better encryption service than its competitors in the market, can normally attract the attention of governments against such situations. The app only manages to keep messages between the recipient and sender, paving the way for faster content spread to major groups.

The German front, which deals with vaccine opponents across the country in particular, wants to end hate speech within the platform. The country, which can vaccinate 72 percentof its population, aims notto allow telegram to get in the way. And Germanyis not the only country with concerns about Telegram. Russia, China, India and some countries also have questions about Telegram’sreliability. In addition, these countries are able to carry out major controls on the platform. It looks like Germany will set out to have that kind of authority.

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